Container = movable residence, self-sufficient container movable house

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2019-12-26
【Abstract] The design purpose of the box-type movable house is to create high-quality houses at the price that the common people can afford. Under the guidance of this purpose, it has made beautiful, fashionable and simple mobile houses, it can be used for family vacations and as a living place for modern families throughout the year. Moreover, container dormitories can develop and produce six different forms of appearance on the same planning scheme to reduce costs. The container mobile room has a kitchen, a toilet, two bedrooms, a living room with access to the roof platform, and a utility room if necessary. Design team G- Pod recently showed a conceptual design of mobile residential Dwell, which is transformed from an ordinary shipping container. After opening up the inner wall of the container and adding a foldable deck, the original area has been expanded by three times, it is enough to make it a single apartment with bathroom, bed and even simple work and entertainment space. In addition, Dwell will adopt an energy system with high conversion rate and large storage capacity to achieve self-sufficiency in water and electricity. Although the small box room occupies little space, it is enough for 3- Five people live comfortably and can provide accommodation for up to four people. Can be described as small perfectly formed. At the beginning of the design of the living container, the local special climate environment should be fully considered, and the internal structure should also meet the needs of self-sufficiency. Finally, only four wheels or a pallet need to be installed under the Beijing Mobile House to keep it on standby whenever necessary. Shutters can be installed on the sunny side of the container mobile House to block the sunshine in the dining area and prolong the outdoor life time of the owner. Designers who are good at using energy-saving materials and surrounding landscapes claim that this is an ideal residence specially designed for low-and middle-income people in Ghana. If Dwell can be realized, it can be transformed into a space with various functions such as disaster relief tents, motels, holiday saloons, and even nomadic shops. The flexibility is very high, not to mention it is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.
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