Container art community from Poland, independent container art workshop

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-01-15
【Abstract] After the containers are placed in the specified position, their North and South outer surfaces are painted bright orange, with bright colors and signs at the entrance. The ground in the inner area is covered with sand, forming a beach equipped with folding recliners. In addition, there are islands made up of black boxes of different heights, and all the boxes are surrounded by a tree, formation is the central area of the entire building complex. Buildings give priority to ecology, such as solar collectors placed on roofs, collected energy can be provided to music studios, green walls built with fresh plants, these plants can be provided for bars and restaurants. 'Every year, in early May, the next version of the experimental project was called KontenerART. It was initiated by independent artists in Poznan-- A place to relax, meet people, participate in the whole creative process, and learn new technologies in many art workshops, concerts and exhibitions. Architect: Adam wierciński Architekt location: Poland, Poznan design team: Agnieszka Owsiany, Adam Wiercinski, Borys Wrzeszcz project Year: 2015KontenerART formula is also continuously developing. There are small, independent art workshops that can be used by associations, foundations or individual artists. They got the building space of the container until the end of August, which could be used free of charge. 'This year is KontenerART's 7th th version-- Small container cities are designed by different architects every year. Our idea is to simplify this space, so we decided to make a big building instead of many independent modules, surrounding the whole area. The bar and Cargo Gallery, which were left last year, became the basis for the layout. Other containers are arranged with these functions, such as music workshop, Aktywator office, scene, food, toilet and storage, pasted at the 90-degree corner of bars and galleries, and then formed U-shaped buildings. The modules, moving between each other, let us have the facade painted bright orange only in the north and south. In this way, the entrance is marked and the whole building stands out in the urban space. The container is arranged on one side of the site to enlarge the interior space of the 'city'. There is a place for the beach to place recliners, and tables of different heights surrounded by trees are the center of the whole place. KontenerART is close to the river, so there is a terrace and a bakadi bar on the roof, with a panoramic view of the river and the city. A large number of container blocks are jointly completed by the light container skeleton and The White Shadow sail. KontenerART's design always gives priority to ecology, which is why solar collectors are concentrated on the roof. For example, in music studios, green plant walls supply fresh plants in bars and restaurants. The whole building complex has been painted orange, which represents vitality. Every tourist can find a container building suitable for himself here. If you are an art lover, there will be a special small exhibition hall here; If you are a party animal, you must not miss the concert here at night; If you only want to have a good drink with friends, then the container bar here will certainly meet your needs.
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