condos made from shipping containers pass hurdle at city hall

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A new apartment project with a view to the Toronto developer building the first multiple in Winnipeg
The family housing complex outside the container has cleared the first major obstacle to the town hall.
Project Nightingale 956 will see an 18-
The unit apartment building was built in a residential area of 956 Notre Avenue.
The green light was received from the city center community council last week.
The Toronto business coach/developer Tali Zhiubritskaya behind the project now needs the city\'s executive policy committee and the City Council\'s OK before it can proceed with the project.
She hopes to achieve this in the next six weeks.
\"We are very, very excited,\" Zhiubritskaya said in an interview . \".
\"We have passed the first hurdle and we have a very good response and acceptance of what we want to achieve.
\"Although she hopes to get city approval in the next six weeks, Zhiubritskaya says construction may start next spring and start at the end of 2014 before the project is completed.
The project, first written by Winnipeg freelance news columnist Brent Bellamy in last March, will be built on a property that has been in the zhiubriskaya family since 1930.
There\'s an old house, shoes from the past.
Repair shop, and a former bike shop currently on the property.
Zhiubritskaya said that the property belonged to her grandparents and passed it on to her father and then to her.
She said she wanted to build a housing complex responsible for the environment and society as a legacy of her late father and grandparents.
The plan is to build the complex with 36 recycled containers stacked at three and six heights with a central external circulation core.
The complex will be equipped with geothermal heating and cooling systems and cars
Shared programs that community residents and others can join.
According to Zhiubritskaya, it was Winnipeg architect David Penner who suggested building it with old containers.
\"This will be a landmark model.
The goal is to create a model that can be replicated in other communities, other cities and even other countries.
She said she and Penner were not sure if they could get 36 containers at the right time and at the right price.
If they can\'t, then-
The plan is to build a wood.
Frame structure with the same size as shipping-
Complex containers.
In this way, it can still be used as a prototype for future projects using containers.
She said negotiations are underway with a shipping company
Container Manufacturers, they should know which route they will take in the next few months.
While it\'s easier to build a prototype with wood in some ways, she says, they prefer to use recycled containers because it\'s a \"green\" option.
All 18 apartments will be loft apartments, Zhiubritskaya said
Style unit, living area on the main floor and bedroom on the mezzanine floor.
The wall in front is the floor. to-
Windows from the ceiling allow for plenty of natural light.
The area of the 9 front units will exceed 600 square feet, and the area of the 9 rear units will be about 500 square feet.
The cost estimates are not finalized yet, but Zhiubritskaya says they will be priced at less than $200,000.
While the Nightingale 956 will be the first multiple in the city
The family housing complex, built by containers, is not the first building.
Mario costatini, owner of waterburg Commercial Park and ADM storage area, has built a two
A two-story house
In his South Winnipeg Business Park, the multi-storey office building was built in containers.
He still has about 100.
The unit storage facility, made of containers, has converted about 25 containers into portable offices/trailers, which he rents to various customers including construction, mining and oil companies.
There is also a bicycle lab/repair kiosk on the campus of the University of Winnipeg, made of two containers connected together.
Kostatini and his wife moved into their 1,600-square-
The foot of the container house fell in 2011.
And ADM storage moved to its 2,000-square-
Foot container office at the end of last year.
Costanini originally planned to build up to six single
Tenant office building around industrial park row pool.
But since then he has decided to build only one now.
\"I\'m 65 now and I have a nice little place here with salmon in the pond.
So I want to use it as a small park. like setting.
\"Instead, he plans to build an oversized single --
The two-and-a-half-container garage is connected together to see if there is a demand.
He said he was also keen to share his expertise and knowledge with anyone interested in building things from containers.
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