Colorful container community, colorful container Culture and Art Exchange Place

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-01-21
【Abstract] A group of large container buildings were built, which formed a whole internal area around them. The bar and cargo gallery have not changed and have become the starting point of the new design. All the containers are arranged in an approximate right angle shape, forming an internal area around them, creating a U-shaped building. After the containers are placed in the specified position, their North and South outer surfaces are painted bright orange, with bright colors and signs at the entrance. The ground in the inner area is covered with sand, forming a beach equipped with folding recliners. In addition, there are islands made up of black boxes of different heights, and all the boxes are surrounded by a tree, formation is the central area of the entire building complex. In order to attract tourists' attention, this colorful container Culture and Art Exchange Place was completed in Portugal, and many container lovers came to visit. Project Description Location: Portugal use: number of commercial containers: 14 with double-decker buses for embellishment, the container community has a better visual effect. Visitors can also enjoy the wireless network and restaurants in the community, and feel the charm of the container without any other burden. This kind of container community is environmentally friendly and has broken through the trend. The local government also supports it very much. Buildings give priority to ecology, such as solar collectors placed on roofs, collected energy can be provided to music studios, green walls built with fresh plants, these plants can be provided for bars and restaurants. In order to attract more entrepreneurs to come, the rent here is very low, what are you waiting? Is this kind of environmentally friendly and beautiful house not attractive enough?
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