Clever design of container residence, powerful function of small space of container residence

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2019-12-30
【Abstract] The modular tool used in architectural design of containers has the characteristics of low carbon, low cost, short construction time, detachable transportation, etc. At the same time, it is limited by objective conditions such as space and materials, when designing container buildings, the advantages and disadvantages of container module tools should be fully considered to give full play to their structural advantages. Container buildings can generally be divided into three forms: buildings transformed from container boxes; The building of container box combination; Container box (And its components)A building that plays a structural role together with other structures. We in experience. Many ocean travel after a 40 feet of container in New Zealand coast completed this is it the last a navigation. It was bought by a young couple whose vision is to turn it into a spectacular home. There are a series of figures on one side of this container house. These figures can be traced back to the journey of this building, recording where it passed before, crossing the sea and coming to New Zealand, here it was transformed into a warm house. This wonderful building, every inch of space is cleverly designed, adding aesthetic and fashionable colors to the space. The room has a large kitchen area, a bathroom and a multifunctional rest area, with comfortable leisure and entertainment space. Below this step is a pull-out double bed with a lot of storage space inside. A small room behind the kitchen can fold the table and use the limited space to create a different design style. Although the room consists of a 40 feet container, the house is actually only 30 feet long. The lower floor consists of two 20 feet-foot containers, providing the couple with office space. Good space design is helpful for users to plan the House reasonably. Just like this house, although the space is not very large, the distribution of the space looks very comfortable, thereby improving the quality of life of the occupants. Finally, let's relive this special building together! From abandoned containers to houses with doors and windows, water and electricity, and even entertainment space, this magical 'turning waste into treasure' has given many young Taiwanese who cannot afford to buy houses in big cities a foothold. Many Taiwanese believe that container construction is cheap, convenient and environmentally friendly, and is a 'trustworthy Living Choice '.
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