car on fire inside a shipping container causes 2-alarm blaze in trenton warehouse

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2019-11-16
trenton fire.
JPGA profile photo of Trenton Fire Headquarters. (
Photo of file)TRENTON --A two-
Fire officials said today that an alarm fire at the Trenton warehouse late Tuesday was caused by a car enclosed in a container that caught fire.
At about 10: 37, the firefighters were called. m.
18 West Ingham Avenue, a single-
Story commercial building by Frank G. Trenton, Battalion ChiefSeidel Jr. said.
Thanks to the smoke billowing in the building, all the people and staff working on the ladder truck made a call to cut three big holes in the ceiling of the building to lighten some of the smoke, Seder said.
Once the building was ventilated, the firefighters were able to identify the source of the fire, open the container and put out the flames, Seidel said.
The car is a newer BMW, Trenton police station.
Stephen vain said the fire was considered suspicious in nature.
At about 11: 15, no one was injured and the fire fighters took control of the fire. m. , Seidel said.
The fire is under investigation and the authorities are still not sure why.
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