Can the container still play like this? Top ten container structures in 2018

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-02-20
【Abstract] Container structure building is characterized by highly interactive, virtual and solid facade structure. They can be completely closed or opened as part of the flow line in the project. The unexpected gardens and rest areas provide pedestrians with a short break and help to increase the social function of the project. The energy, waste and other products in the site have been carefully considered and managed to make the project as efficient and energy-saving as possible; At the same time, passive systems are also widely used in metal frame structures to adapt to various weather environments. Containers are originally only used to transport goods in the world, and the manufacturing cost is low. Therefore, from the cost point of view, it seems more feasible to discard containers in freight places than to recycle them. Therefore, in the past few years, many architects and designers have rebuilt steel boxes to take advantage of their flexibility and adaptability, which means that buildings can be built almost anywhere. Portugal's Tagus River Belt Park provides various outdoor leisure spaces for the Póvoa de santa iria community. Through cooperation with Atelierdifusor de arquitectura, a batch of abandoned containers were reused to build the service building of the site. The exterior of the building uses strip-shaped wood to cover the metal structure to provide comfortable interior space. Park facilities have various outdoor spaces, including upper and lower balconies and a rooftop aisle. Johannesburg container apartment on February this year, citiq, a real estate developer, converted unused granaries into low-cost student dormitories in Johannesburg. The 'granary' consists of 375 apartments and also provides a series of learning facilities, libraries, lounges and computer rooms. A series of stacked containers surround the 11-storey building, forming a vibrant and colorful city skyline. Container bar-- North arrow studio container bar is located in Austin, Texas, and is completed by north arrow studio in cooperation with hendley | knowles design office through the reuse of shipping containers. The container bar provides a rich experience, and the redesigned part has both open space and closed space. The roof design of the double-storey bar area is movable. This design can not only protect the room in bad weather, but also connect with the surrounding trees. Audi container scoreboard during the 2014 football World Cup, Audi built a huge scoreboard with 28 A8 cars and 45 containers to show the 2014 World Cup scores. This 40 feet digital display board is completely powered by the LED headlights in front of the car. Throughout the competition, the high-rise building can be seen from a distance to broadcast live scores. Japan container studio CC4441-- At the beginning of this year, Akihito and architectural design office of Japan completed this small mixed-use building composed of two containers in a corner of Tokyo's niaoyue district. This irregular building structure is particularly striking in this area, and the building is open to the outside world, actively promoting the connection with the urban area. At the bottom, a 40 feet (12 m) The container is divided into two volumes, and this flexible space is open to the public as a gallery. The second container, stacked on this separate volume, contains a small office. Honeycomb Hotel-- OVA Studio this honeycomb hotel is designed by OVA Studio in Hong Kong. Each guest room is like a container. It can be moved and is very flexible. The project provides conditions for the construction of new housing and medical security housing. Each room can be moved according to demand, and the room has many functions and can also be used as an office. If an individual or company temporarily needs an office space, it is a good choice to come to the honeycomb hotel. Trumpe Cadde Business Center-- GAD architecture office is close to Trump Tower in Istanbul's mecidiyeköy. GAD international architecture office has created a small commercial project using modular containers and ladders. This project consists of two floors. A series of paths of different sizes cut and organize the constituent units to arrange 25 carefully arranged commercial units and gardens to form a modern market. Movable residence--G- Pod is based on transportation, containers, and can provide a series of structures that are easy to disassemble. Hong Kong and Australia's G- Pod company has designed a self-sufficient and movable home mode by using its characteristics. The design relies on unpacking the exposed parts of the container and unfolding the large folding deck to create twice as much space as before. At the same time, the design also pays attention to environmental awareness and uses power grid and water pipes to operate. Royal wolf container, office building-- Room 11 this year, Australian architecture firm room 11 completed the project of Melbourne's royal wolf headquarters and is currently recruiting an expert to sell and renovate new and refurbished containers. The workplace is completely composed of steel units, using the company's assembly and construction methods. A series of houses were built side by side, surrounded by some plantations. Each room has good lighting, and the office and reception area are built around the courtyard. Meeting rooms, kitchens and main offices are also connected and built. Container pavilion-- Around the east gate design Square in Seoul, South Korea designed by Zaha Hadid, ten architectural firms were invited to design small pavilions that can accommodate various activities, to further promote this now vibrant public place. NL architecture firm was also invited to transform ordinary freight and containers into more functions and features through a series of different ways.
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