Attention to details when building environmental protection box houses on the construction site

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-03-28
Because of the flexibility, quickness, earthquake resistance and wind resistance of residential container houses, if you want to use container mobile houses to build container offices and dormitories, what should you pay attention to, and what should you pay attention to in the early planning? Next, our special container professional supplier will analyze it for you: first, we must determine the selection of container raw materials and structural structure. The regular construction site temporary construction must purchase grade a fireproof raw material sandwich panels that meet the requirements. The raw materials of sandwich panels on the market mainly include glass wool, rock wool, phenolic resin, silica rock, aging foam, etc. All kinds of raw materials have their own advantages and disadvantages, glass wool and rock wool are mostly used to build movable plank houses due to their high cost performance, but their support is not enough. Generally, we advocate the use of silica rock and phenolic materials in container houses. Such container walls are both moisture-proof and have good support. As for the container structure, the mainstream ones in the market include the structural type of plate-making and welding, the Bolt-assembling type and the decoration of the world's sea-containers. If the budget is low and the appearance is urgent, the assembling type can be considered, but the style is fixed and the wind-resistant function is poor, it requires exquisite use and can be modified by using the World Shipping Iron cabinet, but the cost is very high, the board welding box is cost-effective, and the wind-resistant and shockproof functions are high, if the air in coastal cities is alkaline and corroded, the normal service life will also be 6 ~ 8 years. Our containers have always chosen welded structure containers to be used for lease and sale. The defect of robust use is that the cost of replacing structures when the structures are severely damaged is relatively high. However, we didn't buy containers to do collision experiments on purpose, did we. II. Use CAD to plan the location and quantity of containers for temporary construction land planning. At present, urban land is very tight. To meet the functions of office accommodation and dining of the whole project department, it is often necessary to stack two-story container board houses. For the project department with conditions, a double-deck container house is set up in the general office area, one or more dormitories are set up, and dining halls, entertainment activity rooms, etc. are set up on both sides of the office area, the principle of setting containers in these areas is to take the office as the center and combine the moving points with the supporting dining halls and activity rooms for the convenience of personnel. When planning the land, it is necessary to arrange the box houses as far away from the mountain as possible and in safe areas outside the operating range of construction tower cranes, etc, put the dormitory container used as a resident in a secret position in the back row, because it is quieter and visually avoids the messy feeling caused by drying clothes in the dormitory area. Three, then, after the large area is set, you can actually pull the wire on the site to do the environmental protection box to place the foundation (Hard localization), Do the drain. The use of container houses has a great advantage, that is, the requirements for hard land are not as high as those for building movable plank houses. If conditions permit, all concrete can be hardened horizontally. If the budget is reduced, use brick to build the ground beam or use concrete to invert two ground beams with a width of 750px and an interval of 6 meters. If there is a Unicom container, a horizontal support point can be added in the middle to increase the uniform force in the middle of the Unicom container. IV. Design of containers in office area. Generally, an independent 3*6*2. 8-meter container can be placed 2 ~ 3 Single desk, if you need a large conference room, you can use 2 ~ Four containers make up a large space. Similarly, Unicom's container office can be considered in the dining hall or the area where many people need to work. Unicom's container house will use coarse and flat support because there is no wall panel at the two-box splicing, therefore, the underframe should adopt the way of all touching the ground to increase firmness, so it is not recommended to place connected containers on the second floor. If a container needs to have both office and residential functions, a partition board room can be adopted, and the 6-meter partition is 2. 5 3. 5 meters, 2. 5 meters is enough as the inner lounge, and the air conditioner is reserved in the middle of the partition, both sides can be used. Five, pay attention to the safety of containers. First of all, we should reserve the required stair passage for containers on the upper and lower floors, generally 5 ~ The demand for 8 containers is to set up the left and right handrail stairs. Set scaffolding and iron net on the top of the container to prevent falling objects from high altitude. Pull the anti-wind rope at the four corners of the container. The anti-wind rope is generally a 6mm thick and soft wire rope. The lifting lug of each container of our container is reserved with holes to wear the anti-wind rope. The anti-wind rope can be pulled to the ground one by one, it is also possible to connect several containers in series and then fix them on the concrete pull bolts on the ground. Generally, each container has 2. The weight is 5 tons, plus the windproof rope. The container will definitely not be blown away when the hurricane comes. The above are some details that need to be paid attention to when building the container movable board house of the project department at the construction site. Please pay attention to us for more information. We will give you professional suggestions for the temporary design of the container house. Welcome to inquire.
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