Artistic style container group, conceptual design of architecture and landscape of cultural creation experience center

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-01-04
【Abstract] On the block, the module of the container is combined with the function in an irregular combination mode. Or overlay, or fold, or rotate, interspersed with degrees, with changes in light and shadow latitude to render dreams of different themes. The appearance of the music block is designed into geometric containers one by one. The minimalist industrial style reflects the capable style of the creator, which coincides with the craftsman spirit of the creator. Humble abode introduces you to the container group full of artistic style, the architectural and landscape conceptual design of the cultural and creative experience center. The 'creative 600' to be completed in 2019 is located at 600 Jianchuan Road, Minhang district, with a total area of 25 mu, it is close to Minhang campus of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Minhang campus of East China Normal University, Zizhu International Education Park, etc. 'Imagination 600' will be divided into Phase I and Phase II construction. After the completion of the park, the total construction area will reach 7000 m² square meters and will become the largest cultural and creative park featuring container buildings in southern Shanghai. As the youngest branch of the building structure system, container building is popular for its environmental protection, flexibility and convenient transportation. Containers in the hands of designers are like interesting large Lego bricks. They can be creative public buildings, solid and environmentally friendly apartments, and trendy and interesting office space. The design competition with the theme of 'artistic style container group' is the most distinctive building in the future in the 'creative 600' Park--'Wen Chuang Experience Center '(E Building) Provide creative and high-degree design schemes, reasonably set up site space, and explore more possibilities of combining container architecture with art. Design requirements 'Wenchuang Experience Center '(E Building) Located in 'chuangxiang 600', a cultural and creative park with a land area of 3400 m² square meters and a construction area of 1000 square meters-1200 m², Building 1-3 floors. See topographic map. The purpose of this competition is to create a cultural and creative public exhibition experience area with the theme of 'artistic style container group', so participants must use containers (See the data for the size range)As the main body of the building. It is hoped that the designers participating in the competition can break the tradition in the scheme, take creativity, fashion and fun as the core concept, create from a new perspective, and create a modern creative experience environment with free personality. Participants need to design the architecture and outdoor landscape of the container complex in a unified way. After the completion of the experience center, it will be used to set up independent design studio, hand-made experience studio, art exhibition, art training, etc. The design scheme of the participants should meet the above main functions and ancillary functions, the above areas can be merged according to the actual use situation, and there should be strong indoor and outdoor spatial connections between the areas. Pay proper attention to the influence of lighting effect on buildings, and create a trendy cultural creation experience area that conforms to modern aesthetics and has innovative spirit.
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