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Visakhapatnam: prefabricated houses are rapidly gaining popularity in the City of Destiny.
The houses are already popular in cities such as Hyderabad and Kerala, with prices ranging from Rs 5 to Rs 20.
Prefabricated houses or simple prefabricated houses are pre-built
Build the house or include part of the building outside the premises and then assemble it together.
The houses are usually luxurious with kitchen, lobby, bedroom, balcony and toilet.
Prefabricated copiers are also available.
PV Pullem Raju, a resident of Visalakshinagar near Mount Kailasagiri, told TOI that he owns land along the beach and wants a luxurious house.
On Tuesday, he said, I consulted the House manufacturers, showed them my website and ordered a mobile home.
I saw the model room on the Beach Road and loved it.
They are the environment.
Friendly and cheap.
He added that he plans to visit the manufacturing units of the prefabricated houses in Hyderabad before making a final decision to inspect more models.
Vijay, senior sales manager of Mobile House, prefabricated housing manufacturing division, Hyderabad, told TOI that one person from Annavaram in East Godavari ordered Rs 8 lakh-
Prefabricated houses.
We installed the same house on Beach Road for public display before shipping it to anavaran.
\'We also received some orders from patnam in visa, \'he said.
We don\'t use cement.
We built the house at the manufacturing plant and shipped it to the customer\'s door.
We also built duplex houses with durability of nearly 20 to 25 years.
Also, Vijay says customers can get nearly 50% of their investment if they choose to redecorate their house.
Darapu Srikanth Satish Kumar, assistant professor of civil engineering at Gitam University, explaining why demand for such houses is growing, said that in the current situation, prefabricated houses are needed.
They are the environment.
Friendly, relatively cheap and space-tight answers.
Prefab kankanth says prefabricated houses are best suited for tourism, hotels, farmhouses, and even government housing programs for the poor and the poor.
On last August, Kerala\'s first minister, pinaraj Vijayan, announced that the state government would use prefabricated houses under their life mission plan, which aims to provide housing for the homeless.
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