amsterdam\'s shipping container homes are lean and green (photos)

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2019-11-11
From Brian Handwerk and National Geographic:
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Amsterdam student Ross mandungu stands in front of a colorful apartment built from an unusual material --
Discarded containers
Crowded Dutch cities have met the urgent needs of students and other low-income groups
Income housing by using ubiquitous steel containers.
After a few years at sea, the container is rusted and sunken, but can be reused, not the product.
This Amsterdam student dormitory proves that the interior of the container is compact, but it can be surprisingly comfortable.
When their service at sea is over, more and more steel containers are being cleaned and renovated by floors, insulation, air conditioning, electricity, pipelines and other modern amenities.
The result is that creative green housing requires only a fraction of the new building\'s energy and materials, and the cost is lower.
In Amsterdam, students are pleased to live in these unconventional new homes built by Tempohousing.
A huge student dormitory is a shining example of \"cargotecture\", where abandoned steel containers are increasingly used to serve global building purposes.
Although the dimensions and shapes of the containers are uniform, they can be combined as real, so they can be used in countless configurationsworld Legos.
Make them easy to transport in uniform size and shape over long periods of time
Distance trucks and ships allow them to pile up to a height of more than ten metres without significant external reinforcement.
According to data from SG block in New York,
Based on shipping container manufacturers, it takes only one to install containers for housing use-
Amount of energy to handle the same amount of steel-
And the result of another hundred years of life.
Pictures were taken by National Geographic magazine and photographers.
See the rest of the pictures in National Geographic magazine.
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