Activity Room How to well thermal insulation effect?

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-03-19
Container movable houses mostly choose rock wool insulation boards when choosing insulation materials, but what kind of rock wool insulation boards are of good quality? The quality of rock wool insulation board should have the following characteristics: first, low thermal conductivity. Thermal conductivity is an important index to measure the performance of rock wool board made of Wellcamp movable house materials. The thermal conductivity is small, and the thermal insulation rock wool board with better thermal insulation performance is qualified through less energy material transfer. Second, the sound absorption coefficient. It has good sound absorption effect, and the thermal insulation rock wool board mainly depends on the density per unit area. The higher the density, the better the absorption of sound. Third, it should have low hygroscopicity. After the water absorption of the insulation material, the insulation effect will be greatly reduced, because the water has a high thermal conductivity. Therefore, it is recommended that customers choose waterproof movable house material Rock wool board. At the construction site, houses can be built in a very short time, but there are many people who can live. If we want to solve the problem of these people's residence, we can do it with a simple house, which is very wasteful in the production process. In the process of use, we cannot recycle these materials in waste. However, if we use residential containers for production, then we can make it quickly, and we can recycle materials and other materials after manufacturing, which will save a lot of costs. It also enables construction workers to live in a very comfortable environment. In the process of building a house, you can also have a good mood and improve the quality of the building. In today's construction industry, there are many residential containers in every place, which is determined by its own characteristics. In the process of use, the container mobile house can not only be quickly built and used, but also can ensure the quality of the house itself, and has a certain fire performance. It has become an important function in residential containers. In the process of use, residential containers are also used by people to build factories, warehouses, etc. This is a high-quality temporary building. With the progress of science and technology, residential containers are not only applied to construction sites, but also to commercial shops and tourist attractions in the current situation, even in the rescue and disaster relief, it has a great use.
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