Abandoned containers can also be made into high-end atmospheric Villas, green and economical container villas

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-01-22
【Abstract]When I heard the villa, I immediately thought of 'high-end atmosphere '? If you are told that a few abandoned containers can build an economical Villa, do you believe it? In this villa renovation case, the designer did it. The main body of the villa consists of abandoned containers, which are pasted with log materials to cover up the cheap feeling of steel exterior walls. The interior White is simple, with the embellishment of plants, from material selection to style positioning, all use ordinary objects. In the renovation process of this economical Villa, the house was refitted, but the concept of decoration was changed. Humble abode King tells you that abandoned containers can also be made into high-end and high-grade villas. Let's take a look at the green and economical container villas of other people's homes below. In recent years, containers have risen in the construction industry, and more designers have integrated container elements into buildings. Container building has the characteristics of convenient construction, environmental protection, economy, etc. , and has great operability and flexibility in the construction process. Villa plan, if you are a designer, there is a withered old tree on the building space, what is your solution? I believe many people will answer and cut it directly. However, the designer of the project tried his best to keep it, which is probably the harmonious coexistence of human, nature and environment pursued by modern people. In the construction process, in order to keep the tree completely and not hinder the intention of architectural design, the designer abandoned the traditional cement bricks and chose containers as building materials. The interior map of the house, from the finished product map after completion, is the integration of old trees and containers beyond your imagination? Looking at the old trees outside in the hall on the first floor has a philosophy of life inside. The beauty of the restaurant, the container Villa is not a traditional villa at all ~ Long and 2 wide. , High 2. , With several windows, from the outside, this is a carefully dressed, 'Iron Box '. Pushing open the security door, this is a warm one-room household: there are kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms, all of which are available. That one 1. The wide small bed can also be folded up for use as a sofa. If you come home, you can also make tea and chat in the bedroom.
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