Abandoned container 'resurrection' 6 cases, there are many uses such as hotel children's activity area Center

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-01-23
【Abstract] The shipping container is designed as a small courtyard-style villa, each small courtyard consists of 3-Four shipping containers are formed. The business case of refitting waste containers, Yangzhou container Villa, through the combination of containers, the internal space of the room is reconstructed and changed in color, thus breaking the inherent size of the original container, this makes the hotel not only have rooms, but also courtyards. The interior of the container hotel's guest rooms is the same as that of ordinary houses. There are guest rooms, small restaurants, meditation rooms, viewing platforms, toilets, tea rooms, etc. The exquisite design of home decoration will limit the space in the container, many independent spaces are separated to facilitate guests to rest, Cook, exercise or view. The output and elimination of containers are increasing day by day. Until recent years, container buildings have appeared more and more in people's vision. Making full use of the space value of waste container boxes and converting them into various buildings is a win-win construction method that is not only environmentally friendly and energy-saving, but also adaptable to various building functions. House | Houseing, a simple square box shape, makes them perfect housing carriers, whether it is a small temporary house rebuilt by a single container or a large living space assembled by multiple containers. The possibility of transforming containers into compact, modern and energy-saving homes. This kind of residence is easy to build and move, and takes up less space. The sliding glass door composed of the whole wall surface will make the light and ventilation in the house very good. Hotels | Hotels just as containers can be well assembled and grafted into large-sized houses, they can also be perfectly used in Hotels. For example, the world's first container hotel built in Britain in 2008 was built with 86 containers, speeding up the construction period by 25% and saving 10% of the cost. Offices & shops | Offices & The concept of Retail BuildingsStuttgart skyscraper and Puma container shop are two very representative container recycling cases, which explain the advantages of vehicle-mounted containers in architecture from the aspects of functionality and aesthetics, and refers to a completely detachable moving space. Museums | Museums the biggest advantage of Museums built by containers is that flexible space can carry different exhibition contents at will. Sometimes we even doubt whether the container museum exhibits or the artistic form it expresses? Art installation | Art you can build a house or office with a door and a second-hand container, but you need a little creativity to turn it into Art. The following two container sculptures fully demonstrate the plasticity of the container. The first is a group of container modern art sculptures dismantled, folded and twisted by artists in Rotterdam; The second public art work seems to be crumbling, on the other side in Yokohama, Japan. Children's Centers | Children's Centers containers can also be used to create a durable and strong Children's center or kindergarten, which can be realized by recycled environmentally friendly materials. One of the reasons for using containers as hotels is to protect the environment and not destroy every plant and tree. Guests also expect to live in this original ecological environment. These container hotels are all integrated with the surrounding natural environment. For example, when looking at the distant scenery on the viewing platform, the surrounding native trees reach obliquely onto the viewing platform, which is quite wild. 'These trees are all preserved, and the location of the container hotel is staggered with the trees, it seems to be patchwork. '
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