A container cafe full of green, if you want to live a good life, you have to add some green

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-02-05
【Abstract] On this day, we went to the original element Creative Park in Liwan district to shoot. We walked about from the door and saw this oversized single-family pure white coffee shop. It turned out that it didn't take long for this place to open. Are we the first to punch in? After chatting with the shopkeeper, they learned that this was originally an abandoned container, but they felt that even the things that were about to be eliminated had its value. The whole cafe is transformed from 17 iron containers, with a total of 5 indoor spaces. The gray color is not only rough, but it is full of elegance in fashion. In recent years, the network language stems have sprung up one after another, with the characteristics of wide range and fast dissemination. I believe everyone has heard a lot about the phrase 'If you want to live a decent life, you must bring some green on your head', but not only people, but also buildings are in line with this phrase. If you don't believe it, just look at this cafe! When I saw this building in the summer, I felt a lot of cool in an instant! The rich shade of the tree, mixed with the natural taste, is not the feeling of the big tree that I loved when I was a child? After all, when it comes to cooling, green planting is definitely a well-deserved cooling expert. You can surround a yard in front of the box and fill it with portable folding tables and chairs. Of course, the wall must also be covered with green plants to feel more! It is perfect to build a step in front of the box and transform the box into a window that can be opened. A piece of climbing plant 'built' on the container building is like wearing a sunshade hat for it, which to some extent blocks the direct heat from the top of the sun. At the same time, this green plant can also be decorated with a bare, lifeless iron box to make it softer and closer. Seeing here, you may have some questions about the structure of this cafe. In fact, this container cafe is divided into three parts, and the article is introduced in the order from inside to outside. Want to know more? Maybe you will like these structure diagrams more ~ This large container space is fully utilized by the owner. The rooftop, the Glass House, and two small yards are simply the Dream Cafe. In the simple black and white tables and chairs in the room and the cold light gray background, several bottles of vibrant flowers jumped out. Without any eye-catching or grandstanding design, the low-saturation visual effect makes people feel relaxed.
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