10-minute container turned into a big villa, movable folding future container house

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-02-10
【Abstract] The materials used in the main framework and enclosure of the container are light steel and sandwich panel respectively. Through these materials, the popular container can be combined spatially with professional modulus technology. On the one hand, the container can fully realize the general standardization of temporary buildings; on the other hand, it can achieve the architectural concept of environmental protection and effectiveness. Therefore, the container also has diversity in types. Humble residence King shares with you 10 minutes of container transformation into a large villa, a future container house that can be moved and folded. Every weekend or holiday, the dwelling King envies those who drive the RV to swim around, to see the mountains and rivers around the world. However, a new type of movable house recently discovered by humble abode King makes people traveling in small spaces weaker than saloon cars. From the outside, it is a small square. However, when it is deformed, a villa rises. There is no need to consider the structure of the House or lay the foundation. As long as you find a flat land, where the car goes, the big villa can be built. Don't think it's just a conceptual design or a scene in a science fiction movie. It's a real British company: Ten Fold Engineering, a modular house developed. Gently press a button, just 10 minutes, like a Transformers, The Villa is magically erected in front of your eyes. The facilities in the room are all foldable. Entering the fully stretched room, the degree of spacious and comfortable is incredible. Each room can be customized according to your favorite decoration style, furniture, home appliances and other living infrastructure, all available. Not only that, the spatial pattern can also be changed in real time according to different needs. Second change luxury two-bedroom; Of two bedrooms and a living room; 4 separate small rooms; Even from the home room, instantly turned into a conference room. Some people will worry that this House, which has been transformed from a container, will not have enough space? Don't worry, since it is a modular design, as long as you want, you can stack, one is not enough, then two. Two are not enough, just four. Many people, not enough? Nine rows. As long as you want, it's okay to build a hotel for you. In addition to the modular design, the transformation ability is super strong, and it has a lot of patterns. Think of the outdoor romance to see the stars, choose the full House. Disaster relief emergency; Mobile hospitals have no problem. Convenience store; The exhibition hall can also be easily taken. Most importantly, people are worried about outdoor water and electricity. For water, the house itself has a water storage tank or an external water source. Electricity relies on its own solar panel; All modular systems can be reversed, which means that it can be put away at any time and changed back into small squares for easy displacement. Such a good design, is it itchy to see, eager to try? Oh, I forgot to tell you, the price starts at 100 thousand. Container is a kind of temporary house, which is mainly used in some emergency and temporary situations, in our life, we often see some urgent temporary houses in the place under repair. These houses are containers.
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