Wellcamp Folding Container House for Workers in Myanmar

Basic Information

Today, let me introduce our folding container house.

This folding container house project is in Myanmar. As well known, Myanmar’s temperature changes little throughout the year, the average temperature is 25℃. But, the rainfall is rich. Therefore, before building the house, we must consider the impact of rain disaster and we will use moisture-proof and heat-resistant material to solve this problem.

Folding Container House in Myanmar
1.Project Overview:
Project time:2016
Project Location: Myanmar
Product type: Folding Container House
Trial order:12 sets(one container)

2、Project Description:
The Myanmar customer ordered 12 sets to check the market firstly. After 1 day installation, they build a sample garden near the road.Many people who went through were interested in it. So the business comes.
Now we are producing for another order - the two floor folding container houses, folding container villas and the big folding container apartments that two sets connected together. Total quantity reaches up to 48 sets.

3、Project Features: 
1) Fire proof.  The wall and the roof is made by the IEPS sandwich panel,which is a fire proof material that we study by ourselves.
2) Save time. Four people 10 mins can build one house,7 days we can build a city.
3) Save cost. Save transportation cost. One shipping container can load 12 sets. Save installation cost and the storage cost.
4) Widely used. The folding container house is suitable for the dormitory, office, toilet, shop and the storage room.


WALL: 40mm IEPS sandwich panel(fire proof)
ROOF: 40mm IEPS sandwich panel(fire proof)
WINDOW: Aluminum sliding window with security mesh
DOOR: IEPS sandwich door or steel door
JOINT MATERIAL: 4mm steel structure

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